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Kenyan Coffee Tree

Kenyan Coffee Tree

24968 Coffee Trees Available

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Lot 20 is revolutionising the coffee industry in Kenya with its innovative approach to sourcing and exporting the finest coffees.

By bypassing the traditional auction system, Lot 20 is changing the game for producers and farmers in the region.

We have a target of 25000 trees we wish to grow and gift to our community of producers in the region. Help us reach this target.


“Kenyan coffee is an exquisite blend of heritage, passion, and art. For generations, Kenyan coffee farmers have honed their craft, ensuring that only the highest quality beans are harvested and processed with meticulous care.”

The Heritage of Kenya's Best Coffee Unveiled


Since 2019 we have been working towards a fully traceable , consistent & unique Kenyan speciality coffee.


Who are we

The Lot 20 team is made up of coffee experts, with deep roots in the coffee farming community.

Our vision is to export diverse lots of coffee from their 77-strong network of producers, showcasing the beauty and depth of flavour of Kenyan coffee to the world. 

Our home

Kericho County where we operate from has a rich coffee history. An interesting, lesser-known fact is that the Kipkelion and Fort Tenan regions were actually among the first areas in Kenya to cultivate coffee, thanks to the settlers who were enchanted by the beauty of the region.


By adopting sustainable practices, such as reducing water usage and incorporating renewable energy, Lot 20 is leading the way in responsible coffee production.

We have the pleasure of partnering with a dedicated group of farmers and producers who share our passion for coffee cultivation. Motivated by the challenging nature of the Kenyan coffee landscape, we have been empowered to bring our exceptional coffee directly to market.


As we work to create a more equitable value chain for Kenyan coffee, we remain committed to the well-being of the farmers and producers who make it all possible. By prioritizing transparency and fairness at every stage of the process, we aim to create a sustainable future for everyone involved in bringing this beautiful coffee to the world.

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