• Mission Overview

    To make a positive impact on society through the cultivation of coffee trees and the support of social projects. We at Seedling believe in the power of coffee to bring about change. That's why we have committed ourselves to allocating 20% of our coffee tree plantings to fund social projects. By doing so, we are not only contributing to the sustainability of coffee producing regions but also create opportunities for specialty producers and their communities.

  • Creating a Platform for Good

    Through our platform, we strive to raise awareness about the challenges faced by smallholding coffee farmers. It is our belief that everyone deserves fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. By bridging the gap between the cost of a coffee cup and the livelihoods of these farmers, we aim to promote equality within the industry.

  • Community

    Join us on this inspiring journey as we strive to make a difference. Together, we can bring about positive changes in the lives of coffee farmers and create a more equitable coffee culture.

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