• Ugandan School Project

    Empowerment through Education

    Founded in 2016, The Uganda School Project provides access to quality primary school education in rural Uganda. We identify areas where access to quality schools is lacking and, in collaboration with the local community, help to develop facilities and improve teaching standards to give children the best possible start in life. Because where you start in life shouldn’t determine what you can achieve.

  • An Overview of BabyBoost

    BabyBoost is our carer and baby programme. During the first 1000 days of a child’s life, we have an amazing opportunity. We know for example that very young babies are particularly receptive to care-giving that stimulates and nurtures them through responsive interactions and that this promotes important development.

    Carers in our area (and indeed in many areas globally) are often unaware of this important window of opportunity and greatly lack resources such as simple educational toys and books to engage with and stimulate their babies.

    In 2017, in response to this need, BabyBoost was born and has developed over time to include a package lasting approximately 6 months. Carers learn through a series of structured workshops how to talk, read, play, sing, cuddle and respond to their babies aged 4-18 months. Home visits encourage them to apply and refine their learning, playgroups provide social opportunities and lots of practice and toy and book libraries allow carers to borrow age-appropriate toys and books.

    We know that carers if given knowledge and support, can be powerful agents in their babies’ development. For this reason, we aim to empower, via our trained local facilitators. those who can most make the difference to their babies’ development ‘

    A closer look at Babyboost and its impact.

    Since we started in 2017, we have developed the programme so that it now spans about 6 months during those critical first 1000 days. We have run 13 programmes in 11 locations and we have seen carers grow in confidence and knowledge.

    The coaching groups are fun filled and informative, where the key messages are promoted and practised.